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    Before and After

  • Morgan

    Morgan_before_brazones Morgan Fox after_brazones Morgan Fox before2_brazones morgan fox after2_brazones

    When I met Morgan she had a deep overbite with her lower teeth biting into the roof of her mouth and mismatched growth of upper to lower jaw.  A surgical correction was recommended for the ideal fit of her bite.  She chose to pursue a Compromised Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment instead of jaw surgery.  Morgan had 2 upper permanent teeth removed, spaces closed with the help of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS) and now she has a shining smile!

  • Sam

    Sam peterson before_brazones Sam peterson after_brazones same peterson before2 Sam peterson after 2_brazones

    Sam had spaces between his upper front teeth.  A Limited Treatment was recommended.  A few front braces were used to close a space and make room for new permanent teeth to erupt. Sam is wearing a Retainer until his permanent teeth have erupted and then he will be ready for a final bite correction with Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment.

  • Alicia

    Alicia Slocum1_before Alicia Slocum3_brazones Alicia Slocum before2_brazones Alicia Slocum4_brazones

    Alicia’s first appointment at my office was in 06/10/2008. She came to me because she wanted to straighten her “buck teeth.”  With a one-time Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment, she now has a beautiful smile.

  • Dana

    dana1 dana3 dana2_brazones dana4_after

    Dana’s beautiful smile required two phases of Orthodontic Treatment. She had a narrow upper jaw so her upper teeth were in cross bite with her lower teeth. This bite is sometimes uncomfortable and causes the lower jaw to shift to one side. This movement can harm the jaw joints over time. An expander gently widened her upper jaw. A few years later all of her permanent teeth had erupted and she wore full braces to complete the correction of her bite.